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The Elven Gods Series – Cassandra Burchett

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The Veil: Dreams Part One - Cassandra Burchett

The Veil: Dreams Part One – Cassandra Burchett

The Veil: Dreams Part One – Cassandra Burchett

Sasha has dreamed about perfectly sculpted, sexy Donovan since she was a little girl. He was the perfect man; the man of her dreams. But when her best friend dies and appears in her dream, her life gets turned upside down when she learns that she is not only, not human, she is not dreaming either. She is actually dream walking and a rare breed that has never been heard of, except for in myths; half Elven and half Sorceress.

Learning these things and even more, she must now go on a journey back to her home land and fight beings that she was being protected from all her life. But now that she is turning twenty, she is coming into her powers and can no longer be concealed from their world.

Note that this book has language and mature content/scenes that is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. (ADULTS ONLY 18+)


The idea of dreaming about an incredible amazing sexy man whom you have grown up with and always been in love with, but only in your dream then turn out to be real? Oooooh Yes please, I know from experience and most of you ladies and guys out there all have your sexy hunky feasts of a man who you just know you would love to bring to life from your dreams! But to find out that this is possible is an amazing thought! For Sasha not only is this true but she has some amazing, life altering news to take in – not only is she adopted (Thank God) but she is also half Elven and half Sorceress and that she is a unique breed of bloodline that is going to do great things!!

Sasha is a wonderful character who from the get go you are right in her corner rooting for her, and for every step she takes whether it’s forwards or backwards (circumstances depending) you can’t help but want everything for her. The way Cassandra Burchett has created Sasha, shows a true expertise in character development and the talent of how to translate true emotion onto our screens for us to truly enjoy.

Donovan is unbelievably sexy, buff, hot as hell and emotionally attentive to Sasha that you cannot help but stand by her belief that he is just a dream – that kind of perfect specimen of a man just doesn’t exist right? But when it comes to an Elven God it most certainly does! He is charming, funny, sincere and seems to truly love her but is also incredibly frustrated by her as he believes that he know best (not so perfect then lo! That’s my bubble burst!) Everything he has done from the moment he met her was to prepare her for the information of finding out who she truly is without actually letting her know that. Fast forward to now and you have two very attracted sides of the same coin but not everything is plain sailing. Nothing is ever that simple even if you have a drool worthy man hanging on your arm

The world that Sasha, Donovan & The Guard step into is described right down to the tiniest little detail that may seem inconsequential, but make all the difference to how your imagination grabs onto all of the information to create this fascinating new fantasy world where Sasha originally comes from. Throughout the book I found myself waiting in anticipation to see just what happens next  and when the cliffhanger ending came I was gutted it had ended – Luckily for me I had the second book in the series ready and waiting for me so I quickly snatched it up and began right where I left off……….

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The Veil: Sorcery Part Two Elven Gods Series - Cassandra Burchett

The Veil: Sorcery Part Two Elven Gods Series – Cassandra Burchett

The Veil: Sorcery Part Two Elven Gods Series – Cassandra Burchett

Emotions run wild in the second instalment of The Elven God’s series. 

Sasha’s life has become something of a fairy tale of sorts only, not the happily ever after kind. She lives in a beautiful castle and is surrounded by friends and most importantly her parents. However, that is where the fairy tale ends. Her love life is more often than not a mess, and the first war in her new home is upon them. Sasha must journey to the most dangerous of this world’s species in hopes of their help. Will Sasha be able to gain the allies she needs to defeat the Shifters or will she die trying?

(Note: This book has strong language and may not be suitable for people under the age of 17.)


Thank God for small mercies! I had this copy of The Elven Gods Series Part Two, because if I didn’t after the cliffhanger ending of the first instalment in the series I think I would have gone into withdrawal!

In part two Sasha has grown as a woman, grown into some of her powers and also has begun to understand just who she really is. Finding out everything you thought was true was a complete lie from beginning to end is a massive amount of knowledge to handle at once but in truth she seems to be handling it all pretty well. With the help of her best friend Connor and her new ally Enya who is quickly turning into her best female friend, she has been able to talk all of her feelings, fears and happiest moments through. Her relationship with Donovan has become much more complicated as his main mission is to protect her (who doesn’t want their own personal white knight?) but his arrogance in believing he knows best is getting in the way of their relationship, which makes Sasha feel like she is being held back when all she wants is to be free to explore her new talents, powers and relationships with those around her. His constant jealousy, although in some ways adorable and also exciting can be too much.

Donovan struggles a lot in this book, he struggles with his feelings for Sasha which are becoming so strong he is unable to deny the strength of them much longer but the desire to protect what he sees as “his” over powers that making him unpredictable, especially when you factor in when they are getting along and things get very hot and heavy, Donovan is a great catch – sexy, strong and one hunk of a man who know how to kick some serious ass!

The coming war puts pressure on them all, not just Sasha and again just like in the The Veil: Dreams Part One Elven Gods Series, Cassandra Burchett has made sure she has continued the theme of ensuring the smallest details have not gone unrecorded enhancing your reading experience. She has remembered that although Sasha is the main character, all of the “sub” or “lower” characters are still very important, with each of them enjoying their own side stories and plots which twist and turn in the main plot. They are layered making them believable as the perfect sidekicks turning them into true supporting characters with meaning.

I did truly enjoy reading this series and was again gutted by the cliffhanger ending (tissues are needed throughout the book on standby, I was in tears on more than one occasion) and I am desperate for the third instalment to be published so I can find out just what does happen next! A definite 5 star novel that is a must read!!

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